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YouTube ご飯実験が海外で広がっています

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The Rice Experiment YouTube.



ご飯実験をなさったある方が、2014年4月6日にアップしたリンクです。 この男性は、「殺すぞ」などの汚い言葉を聞くのが嫌で、自分自身でドクター江本のご飯実験をやってみよう、と思ったそうです。4,5歳のお子さんと一緒に実験をしたようです。ビデオはわずか4分で、結果もご覧になれます。このお子さんは今後ずっと言葉に気を付けることでしょう!

Here is a link to the rice experiment that someone uploaded on April 6th, 2014. He said in the video that it was disturbing him to hear ugly words such “I kill you”, so he decided to do the rice experiment of Dr. Emoto’s himself. He seems to have done it with his son who is about 4 or 5 years old. The video is only 4 minuets, and you can see the result as well. This little boy who conducted the experiment is blesses and he will always be careful with his own languages.



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