Masaru Emoto launched the EMOTO PEACE PROJECT (hereinafter called “EPP”) in hope that this beautiful planet will be peaceful everywhere and that all people around the world will be able to live in peace forever.


The EPP has 2 major activities.  One is to distribute the picture book of MESSAGE FROM WATER, free of charge, to all children on earth where they can learn the importance of water, its mysterious properties, and how it affects us, living beings, and the environment. The other is to help children in Fukushima by giving safe water called “Angel Water”.

★★ History and Intent of the EPP ★★

When and how did EPP start?

On the 26th of May, 2005, at the conference called “The Spiritual Dimensions of Science and Consciousness Subcommittee on Spirituality” held at United Nations Headquarters in New York City, Dr. Emoto announced and launched the EMOTO PEACE PROJECT which is to distribute the children’s book of MESSAGE OF WATER to 650 million children, 10% of the whole population of the earth at the time, for free of charge in the world.

★★ EPP’s 2 major activities ★★


1)   Free of charge distribution of children’s book “MESSAGE FROM WATER”


Children will be adults in 10 years or 20 year.  We are certain that the kids who receive the children’s book of MESSAGE FROM WATER will naturally learn “the mysterious properties of water”, and thus the world will be certainly filled with love and gratitude, and it will become peaceful and full of hope.

We distribute the children’s book not only in Japanese but also in many languages with the kind help of supporters worldwide.  We many not be able to change the world just by one person’s effort, but anyone can transmit and spread the message that can change the world.  And the MESSAGE FROM WATER is it!


2)  Angel Water to help people in Fukushima!

Although EPP started with the project to give children’s book of MESSAGE FROM WATER to all children on earth for free in order to create the peaceful world, we launched the project called “TAKE ACTION FOR JAPAN”.  It is to give safe water, “Angel Water” to help children in Fukushima. It became a major activity of the EPP. People in Fukushima have been living with anxiety and fear since the nuclear accident happened in March, 2011.  We want to help them, especially children, by giving safe water called Angel Water, and we will continue to help them.


We are most grateful if you can contribute to the EPP by giving your kind donation.  Any amount is very much appreciated.  You can donate by Paypal to info@emotopeaceproject.org

★★ Your participation ★★

We welcome your participation to make this movement larger around the world.
Anyone who is interested in working with us, please contact epp@emotoproject.com

We look forward to hearing from you!

Thank you very much!

With love and gratitude,

Masaru Emoto and staff





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