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Emoto Peace Project – Rome 10.6.14

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Emoto Peace Project – Rome 10.6.14

Love and Gratitude can change the entire world to a sustainable and beautiful place for everybody.


Dr Masaru Emoto is a long-time advocate for peace in relation to water.

Masaru Emoto, born in Yokohama in Japan in 1943, is perhaps one of the most famous water experts based on his self-developed water crystal photography. He graduated in Humanity and Sciences, focussing on International Relations, from the University of Yokohama. In 1992, he was awarded the title of doctor for Alternative Medicine from the Open International UniversitySri Lanka, for the successful application of his knowledge for the benefit of people in need.
Mr Emoto came up with the idea to open a non profit foundation named Emoto Foundation whose main purpose is to contribute to peace in the world through research and education.

As the water we educate to peace? The water is from 90 to 70% of our planet, our bodies, body of plants and animals; comes from the cosmos (from ice asteroids that collide with the Earth’s atmosphere) and falls back to Earth as a blessing. Watch his journey from the universe, the clouds, the rivers, the sea, the tap, into our cells, makes us reflect on our nature. There are so many differences that separate us from each other? Or most of the conflicts is based on distorted and partial view of unimportant details for the maintenance of life on Earth? Children instinctively knows the answer to this question is not really struggling as adults, make up some whim or superficially squabble (no hard feelings) and returned spontaneously to peace with minimal distraction…
This is the natural state of all human beings, light, without discrepancies, attachments to what appears … the problem is that for a small human being is often very difficult to sustain its “position” before many great filled with things “right” to tell, teach, and sometimes impose.  Also as it grows its naivete and his goodness, if maintaining, are considered inappropriate or even naive, in fact one of the efforts that most adolescents “should” do, in response to this lack of consideration towards their good-hearted, you look hard, sometimes bad. Unfortunately sometimes they succeed, with great pain for everyone. This is the basis of every conflict. There can be no peace in the world in this way, forcing people to focus on problems and niggles and abandon the natural predisposition to welcome him and others, for this the book of Emoto, the crystals, the experiment of rice and music of the heart are exceptional tools to redirect the world toward its most obvious and spontaneous State: peace.
The peace project through the water allows children to cultivate their natural predisposition to beauty, kindness and spirit of observation which lead to the harmonious relationship with others. 

Love and Gratitude




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